“All Irish surnames have a unique or often romantic meaning. The name Begley first appeared as O’Beaglaoich where beag means little and laoich means hero.” Begley Schmit Products markets professional hair stylist tools that are often referred to as "my little hero".

Be it a comb, clip or scissor every tool we sell has a purpose and a reason behind it. We believe in the hands-on approach. We do not just sell our products, we use them. We understand what our customers are looking for, the questions they ask and more importantly, how to accommodate your techniques. Point cutting, slide cutting, long layers and pixies are all different styles.  We know the importance of using the perfect scissor and right tools (combs, clips, brushes) to create your end result. Our number one goal is educating our customers on how to choose a product. Many people are intimidated when it comes to choosing something new. They have never tried it before (or they never had success choosing in the past) and they have a variety of questions. In addition, we spend time talking to our customers and understanding their needs. We are interested in what they have to say about the products and we use that information to make continual improvements.


We always do our best to answer your questions and get you on the right track.