Begley & The Brands

“All Irish surnames have a unique or often romantic meaning. The name Begley first appeared as O’Beaglaoich where beag means little and laoich means hero.” Begley Schmit Products markets professional hair stylist tools that are often referred to as "my little hero".

Be it a comb, clip or scissor every tool we sell has a purpose and a reason behind it. We believe in the hands-on approach. We do not just sell our products, we use them. We understand what our customers are looking for, the questions they ask and more importantly, how to accommodate your techniques. Point cutting, slide cutting, long layers and pixies are all different styles.  We know the importance of using the perfect scissor and right tools (combs, clips, brushes) to create your end result. Our number one goal is educating our customers on how to choose a product. Many people are intimidated when it comes to choosing something new. They have never tried it before (or they never had success choosing in the past) and they have a variety of questions. In addition, we spend time talking to our customers and understanding their needs. We are interested in what they have to say about the products and we use that information to make continual improvements.


We always do our best to answer your questions and get you on the right track.


We are grateful and honored to be an authorized distributor of Bmac USA. We are the only authorized service and consultations in the Orange County and Long Beach area of California. If you are outside this service area please contact Bmac USA directly at 630-279-5500 for your local authorized Bmac USA distributor.

Your craft is honored by the Chairman of Bmac, Shigeru Fujita. He puts your artistry, skills and comfort as the main goal of every design - from achieving the perfect ergonomics to slicing through hair with the sharpest and longest lasting edge possible. Bmac scissors are created with the express goal of durability, cutting speed and precision as top priorities. Nothing will stand in the way of your creativity.

Your scissors are the most important tool you will ever own - we understand the importance of your investment and stand behind your choice. At the Japan-based studio where Bmac scissors are created, strict attention is paid to the smallest details, from the sourcing of raw materials to the final packaging. Niigata is home to well respected precision tool makers and the local Japanese team members have precision in their way of life and work experience.

You can own these as a badge of honor and pride in your career as a stylist. These prestige tools will open the doors to your creativity and unleash the artist in you. Bmac scissors are developed to give you the most freedom to design day in and day out.

Durable movement, smooth action, incredible comfort, and long-lasting edges is the reward of owning a pair of Bmac scissors.

All Bmac shears are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the shear. Shears are to receive one free sharpening & service in the first year of ownership. Warranty void if shear has been abused, neglected, or has been serviced by a non-authorized Bmac service center.

We are grateful and honored to be an authorized distributor of Hikari Scissors. We are a authorized consultant in the Orange County and Long Beach area of California. If you are outside this service area please contact Hikari directly at 1-800-445-2747 for your local authorized Hikari distributor.

A Champion Hairdresser’s Pursuit of a Dream

As the world’s leader in scissor design, Hikari is devoted to making the finest collection of haircutting instruments. This devotion stems from a dream of Hikari founder, Fukutaro Takahashi. Mr. Takahashi, born and raised in Japan, was a nationally acclaimed, champion hairdresser. He knew the demands of the craft and realized the need for a truly superior haircutting tool. Unfortunately, there were no tools available that met Fukutaro’s expectations of high quality and excellent craftsmanship. But Mr. Takahashi was unwilling to accept that there was no “perfect” tool out there. His dream was to provide every hairdresser with the ultimate in haircutting tools. Through his persistence, passion and dedication, Hikari Scissors was born

The Research

Fukutaro studied properties of metals, microscopic pieces of hair and analyzed hair structure. Armed with his extensive knowledge and experience in scissor design and haircutting techniques, Fukutaro designed and hand-made the first pair of Hikari scissors in 1968. He brought his prototype to many scissor manufacturers, but was turned away each time. They all gave him the same response: the product is great, but producing the scissor would take too much time and money.

The Passion for Excellence

With fierce passion and persistence, Fukutaro opened his one-man business. In time, he trained others in the fine art of scissor making, and the company grew. Hikari’s painstaking research in metallurgy resulted in alloys with characteristics of strength and resiliency, providing years of enjoyment as they “melt’ through the hair, time and time again. Fukutaro’s uncanny ability to innovate scissor designs that are timeless in application, rapidly gained worldwide recognition as the new industry standard. Hikari is the only scissor manufacturer founded and directed by a hairdresser. It is our founder’s first hand knowledge of the art of haircutting that truly sets Hikari apart from the rest.

Hikari Invents the Precision Convex Edge

All Hikaris are hand made in Japan, featuring Precision Convex Blades and Vacuum Heat Tempered Alloys. The Precision Convex Edge, invented by Hikari, revolutionized the concept of cutting sharpness and accuracy. Vacuum Heat Tempering ensures durability and long cutting life. The Hikari Precision Convex Edge combines a hand-buffed outer blade with a hollow ground(concave) inner blade. Both blades are polished by hand to razor sharpness. This edge has no serrations or conventional outer edge bevel or grind, making Hikari scissors the most accurate inthe world.

The Tradition Continues

Today in Japan, the tradition is carried on by the son of Fukutaro Takahashi, Kazuyoshi Takahashi (also a champion hairdresser). Since he was a young boy, he was trained by his father in the art of handmaking scissors. Kazuyoshi, with his staff of expert craftsmen, produce by hand all the Hikari scissors in the world. His passion for the beauty industry and demand for perfection continues to drive him to pursue his father’s dream of creating the ultimate haircutting tools.

1953 Founder Kiyoji Kikui begins making scissors in Wakayama

Kiyoji had enjoyed fixing tools since he was a young boy, and was particularly skilled at sharpening various types of knives.When an acquaintance asked for his help in sharpening a pair of bonsai scissors, however, he was frustrated to find that there was nothing he could do to improve their cutting ability. For the resourceful and inquisitive Kiyoji, this experience was difficult to shake. After the war, Kiyoji immediately went to work as a scissors-maker’s apprentice in Japan. After building experience in both Osaka and Tokyo, he set up his own business in Wakayama, where his relatives lived.

1973 First model of the Cobalt alloy styling scissors goes on sale

This cobalt alloy, which is made from approximately 70% of the rare metal cobalt, never rusts and is highly resistant to wear.Taking notice of these qualities, Kikui developed the world’s first cobalt alloy styling scissors. Today, our customers appreciate this durability in addition to excellent cut quality, and we have developed a variety of products to meet their diverse needs.

2001 Kikui Company implements a 100% built-to-order system

We completely revamped our lineup in order to meet the varied needs of our stylist customers. Until this point, Kikui had been maintaining an inventory by crafting scissors in lots of 25 identical products manufactured at a time. In 2001, however, the process shifted, and Kikui established a built-to-order system that allowed for various types of scissors to be produced within a month following the arrival of each order. With this system, we meet the specific needs of each and every stylist and improve production efficiency.

2015 Cobalt series wins the Good Design Award

For over 40 years after Kikui Scissors first went on sale, our customers had recognized the superb, elegant design of our products; we were formally recognized with the Good Design Award, Japan’s foremost design award.


In Japanese, the two characters that form the word Jonetsu separately mean emotion and fever. Together theses characters translate to passion. Emotional fever, or Passion , could describe our efforts in developing hair cutting scissors that offer there very best workmanship , metallurgy  and cutting performance. The essence of this goal is pedigree. Every scissor is made in Japan. To be credible as a great scissor, it must  be created in factories with a generational culture of quality , not only in engineering, but in process. Typically  these factories are small, but have a huge uncompromising commitment to excellence  as well as access to superior steel alloys, with the ability to source precision components easily and consistently. Only in Japan are all these requirements met. Your purchase of a Jonestu scissor guarantees you the very best.


Yasaka Shears were first introduced to U.S hair dressers by the visionary Geri Cusenza, founder of Sebastian International, over 30 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of Yasaka shears were sold, and they became the standard for function and affordability. Unique in there two part design, each shear is a combination of Japanese forging techniques , modern machining methods, and traditional hand craftsmanship. The result is a shear whose design continues unchanged to this day, with many of those original shears still in use and beloved by their owners.


The Collaboration of six master craftsman with over 200 years of shear experience, Akkohs is a Highly reputed micro-manufacturer of hair cutting shears in Japan. Their shears designs are simple and straightforward, while their performance is legendary. Among the steps Akkohs takes to set their shears apart are [1] they custom order their metal alloys; [2] all grinding and finishing processes are done in-house; [3] all heat, vacum and cryogenic treatments are done through time tested, proprietary protocols; [4] all final edge work is verified by their team of craftsman.