122 Extra Long Tail Comb

122 Extra Long Tail Comb

YS Park
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Smooth yet strong, the Y.S. Park 122 Tail Comb is made from ultem-plastic to be durable, flexible, and heat resistant. Specially sized to suit all cutting needs; a faster cut means an increase in productivity. 

The Y.S. Park 122 Extra Long Tail Comb, similar to the 102 Tail Comb, has the same features but benefits stylists who use wider hair foil paper. The metal end is about 4.84 inches long.


  • Parting Head – Shortened first tooth
  • Strong and Durable Teeth – Supple
  • Holes on Body Allow Flexibility
  • Heat Resistant up to 220 C (428 F)
  • Integrated Tape-Line – Measuring Device
  • Gradually Decreasing Pitch (GDP) designed to facilitating even tension on the hair, by making teeth closer to the grip close to each other than the teeth further from the grip..
  • Comfort tactile grip dimpled for an organic feel