282 Barber Comb - Large Flat Top

282 Barber Comb - Large Flat Top

YS Park
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The Y.S. Park 282 Barber Comb Series is designed with a “Concave Top” to check the vertical 90 degrees from the scalp for accuracy and efficiency.

With a super light body, the handles comfort grip is engineered with air holes built-in to allow great flexibility, providing stylists incredible control over every stroke. Comfort tactile grip, dimpled for an organic feel.


  • 9.5 inches long
  • Concave Top
  • Flat Top Surface – Clipper Over Comb
  • Strong and Durable Teeth, with a Flexible Spine and Body
  • Pattern Print Handle for Grip
  • Heat Resistant up to 220 C (428 F)
  • Integrated Tape-Line – Measuring Device