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26 Teeth and 20 % Hair Removal with Double Notch Cutting Tips for Fine Texturing and Blending. Level Set Handles with Dual Finger Rests allows for easy 'Flipping" of the Shear in Your Palm. Creating a Flip or Concave with Your Finish Work. Cobalt Special Blade with Convex Edges are Honed for Texturing, Thinning & Razor Style Work. Flat Lower Profile Adjustment Screw, Stays Out of the Way and Doesn't Require a Tool! Mirror Finish for Easy Cleaning.


  • Blade: 23- Teeth Thinning (30% cut)
  • Handle: Levelset
  • Tension: Flat Thumb Screw
  • Finish: Mirror
  • Size: 6.0 inches
  • Metal: Cobalt Special

Pride of ownership defines the Jonetsu line. Our premium custom line of shears is completely handcrafted in Japan of superior stainless steel and cobalt alloys, with expert finishes. Custom designed ergonomic handles provide comfort for extended use, and expertly edged blades ensure unmitigated performance. All Jonetsu shears carry a lifetime limited warranty.