SWORD African Black Wood

SWORD African Black Wood

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High quality natural African Black Wood has been used for the handles, so you will feel the softness and smoothness of the handle. This is combined with the Mizutani cutting edge, making this a remarkable masterpiece. The more you use them, the more this wooden handle forms to your hand, making it uniquely yours to the touch over time.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Semi-flat screw
  • High performance carbon resin bearing

African Black Wood D-17: Classic “Hamaguri” edge finish.

The blade tips of the D-17  comes to a narrow tip, are thin, and can be used as a precision shear at “5.7in.

African Black Wood D-19: Lightweight “Kengata” edge finish.

**This model is available as a right handed option. A lefty in this is available, but through a custom order. Please inquire