SWORD Swivel Speedstar

SWORD Swivel Speedstar

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Double Swivel

Absolutely unique “one arm” double swivel rotates through entire range of motion of all stylists. Unimaginably smooth, this shear may be copied by others but never duplicated.
If you are a swivel user, or are experiencing hand problems, you must try this.

  • SWORD Swivel Speedstar S-01: Classic “Hamaguri” edge finish

The blade tips of the S-01 comes to a narrow tip, are thin, and can be used as a precision shear at “5.7in.

  • SWORD Swivel Speedstar S-02: A weighted “Kengata” edge finish.

The S-02 uses the same swivel technology as the S-01 but has a SWORD D19 blade which is made for increased power.

*The S-02 is the powerful of the two, while the the S-01 with thinner blades is superior in control for precision cutting.